• pros and cons of crane rentals

    Crane Rentals vs. Purchasing One: Which Is the Right Choice for Your Business?

    Having access to the right equipment for various types of projects can greatly help boost your company’s earnings. However, the capital resources required to purchase certain types of equipment, such as cranes, can require a major commitment. Deciding whether crane rentals or crane purchases are better for your business is something you need to evaluate […]

  • bobcat compact track loader

    What Kind of Fleet Transportation Services Do You Need?

    The kind of fleet transportation services you require is often dependent upon the type of industry your business serves. For instance, in the construction industry, construction companies need access to cranes, bobcats, forklifts, enclosed job site trailers, and other heavy machinery and equipment. Fleet transportation services consist of more than just heavy equipment, machinery, and […]

  • all west cranes

    Factors in Choosing the Right Crane

    Choosing the right crane and crane equipment doesn’t only mean knowing the size, load capacity, and operational parameters of the system. Tower and mobile cranes are the two basic types; since a mobile unit can easily be transported for crane rental, you can easily pick one from a rental company based on the types of […]

  • all west crane truck

    The Importance of Support Equipment

    Bobcats, forklifts, car haulers, and other support equipment are important to have during any crane operation. Your crane rental supplies are essential for keeping your business or company going. They’re also critical to ensuring efficiency and safety at a job site. Quality One important aspect to think of is quality. Top-notch crane rigging and ground […]

  • An Introduction to Crane Hand Signals

    People have used their hands as an effective form of communication for centuries. When the crane was invented, it was a modern wonder. Large objects and materials could now easily be lifted and moved around construction job sites with ease. However, accidents could occur because the operator did not always have a clear view of […]

  • Crane Safety Tips for Your Construction Project

    While technology has made cranes safer, the ultimate safety of a construction project depends on how they are operated. Most crane accidents occur due to boom failure or contact with a power line, overturned cranes, dropped loads, and boom collapse. Failed rigging and crushing by counterweights are causes of fatal accidents as well. Crane and […]

  • The Importance of Insurance for Your Construction Project

    There are all sorts of risks associated with construction projects, from natural disasters like fire and wind storms to vandalism, arson, and theft. As a contractor, you have a responsibility to ensure you and your employees are protected with the right types of insurance coverages. Contractor’s all-risk coverage, also called builder’s risk coverage, is insurance […]

  • Winter Weather Hazards and Construction Projects

    In Canada, over 100 people die in excessively cold and stormy conditions every year.1 Snow, ice, and poor visibility affect everyone, including drivers and construction crews using a crane rental service. These can affect crane service and bring construction projects to a halt. The hazards include: Hypothermia : Overcooling and frostbite are possible by working […]

  • Crane Lifting & Rigging Basics

    One of the most essential tasks a crane operator will be responsible for is the lifting and rigging of different materials. These materials need to be lifted off the ground and raised to different elevations based on the type of project. It is vital the operator understand the basics of crane rigging and how lifting […]

  • Crane Operators Prove Themselves with Brucejack Project

    Canada’s abundant natural resources are just beginning to be tapped, and, as a greater exploration of mineral and energy sources ramps up, the country will have a need for more heavy construction equipment, including cranes, crane trucks, and related equipment. One recent project that illustrates the need Canada’s growing mining industry has for industrial machinery […]