Types of Rental Cranes Available 

Rental Cranes

If you’ve got a big job to do, there’s a good chance you’ll need a crane to help you get the job done right. They’re expensive pieces of equipment, though, especially if they’re equipped with up-to-date technology. What’s more, if you own a crane, you’ve got to house it, maintain it, and know how to operate it. That’s why renting a crane is often better than purchasing one. At All-West Crane and Rigging, we’ve got a wide assortment of cranes from which to choose, to match the job you need to do.

  • TADANO GR-150XL: 15 Ton Hydraulic Rough Terrain Crane. This crane has automatic speed reduction, and soft stop function, with an elevation speed of -3-82 degrees in 29 seconds, and combination controls for hand and foot operation. The synchronization system consists of two double acting telescope cylinders, extension and retraction cables. The boom telescope sections are supported by wear pads both vertically and horizontally. Additional specs:
    • Six section full power synchronized telescoping boom
    • 4’-78’ of box construction with 4 sheaves
    • 9-5/16″ (0.236m) root diameter, at boom head
    • Extension speed 60.6’ in 52 seconds.
    • Boom elevation by double-acting hydraulic cylinder in holding valve
  • Link-Belt TC1100: 110 Ton Telecrawler. 150 ft. of main boom for a total main boom tip height of 159 ft. The crawler can be transported in 3-4 loads depending on highway load restrictions. 20 degree tilting cab. 3 track width positions. Will pick-and-carry the whole chart! Assembles and disassembles itself without a helper crane for quick mobilization & superb job site mobility. 40% gradeability.
  • Link-Belt RTC80130: 130 Ton Rough Terrain. The fastest, most versatile crane in its class, this crane can mobilize and demobilize without the use of a helper crane and can be transported in 2 loads, and can set-up and be hook ready in 1.5 hours. Outriggers extend to three positions allowing for variable lifting capacities in confined areas.
    • 162 ft. of main boom with an optional 35-90 ft. of jib with 2-45 degree offset
    • Maximum tip height of 278 ft. 26 x 26 ft. square outrigger pattern at full extension
    • Pick-and-carry capability in excess of 40,000 lbs.
  • Link-Belt RTC8090-II: 90 Ton Rough Terrain. Fully extended, this crane has a footprint of only 24×24 square feet.
    • 140 ft. of main boom with an optional 35-90 ft. of jib with 2-45-degree offset
    • Maximum tip height of 238 ft.
    • Removable counterweights
    • Outriggers extend to 3 positions allowing for lifting capacities in confined areas
  • Link-Belt RTC8065-II: 65 Ton Rough Terrain. The outriggers on this crane extend to 3 positions, and it has a fully rigged transport weight under 90,000 lbs., so it can be mobilized in only one load.
    • 115 ft. of main boom, optional 35-90 ft. of jib with 2-45 degree offset
    • Maximum tip height of 211 ft.
    • 24 x 24 ft. square outrigger pattern at full extension
  • Link-Belt RTC8050-II: 50 Ton Rough Terrain. Made for tight working positions, this crane has outriggers that extend to 3 positions for easy set-up in confined areas.
    • 110 ft. of main boom, with an optional 28.5-51 ft. two-piece off-settable fly for a total of 168 ft. maximum tip height.
    • Offset options of 2, 20, and 40 degrees.
  • Grove 740B: 40 Ton Rough Terrain. 110 ft. of main boom, with an optional 32-56 ft. of jib with 0-30-degree offset. Maximum tip height of 173 ft.
  • Link-Belt HTC86100-II: 100 Ton Truck Crane. With excellent transportability, this crane can be configured to meet some of the most challenging transportation laws. Its versatility is underscored by its quick mobilization time, large lifting capacity, and state-of-the-art safety features.
    • 140 ft. of Main boom
    • Optional 38-58 ft. of jib with 2-45 degree offset.
    • Maximum tip height of 237 ft.
  • NBT 55 National Truck Crane: 55 Ton Boom Truck. The largest capacity swing cab boom truck to date from National Crane, it’s equipped with a 102 ft. four-section full power boom and has an overall tip height of 109 ft.
  • TM1882 Tadano Truck Crane: 18 Ton Boom Truck. Hydraulic crane mounted on a 2007 T800 Kenworth, 18-82 ft. of main boom. 360-degree continuous rotation boom. Boom stowage over back or front. Radio remote control. 18 ft. flat-deck.
  • Broderson Carry-Deck: 8.5 Ton Carry Deck. 24 ft. boom + 10 ft. swing-away jib.
    • Set-up Dimensions:10′ wide from outside of outriggers12’6″ from front to back
    • Travelling dimensions:6’6″ wide, 12’6″ from front to back, 8′ high
  • URW295 Mini-Crawler: Spydercrane. Less than 24” wide, this mini-crawler easily travels through a standard size doorway easily. With its lightweight design, it can be moved in a standard freight elevator. It moves easily on dual rubber tracks, and offers not just compactness but also lifting capability of 6,450 lbs. at 4.6 ft. Equipped with a wireless radio-remote control system, Spydercranes free the operator from being tethered to the crane, allowing unlimited operator positioning. They’re also equipped with 360 degree continuous rotation and the Infinitely Variable Control System to include automatic throttler advancements upon hydraulic demand.

At All-West Crane and Rigging, we’re committed to serving our clients, providing the crane rentals they need to safely, quickly, and effectively complete their jobs. In addition to providing the right crane for any job, big or small, we also offer specialized operators and skilled teams held to the high standards that earned us the BCCSA’s Certificate for Health and Safety Management.  Visit our website or call (877) 203-0069 today to learn more about how we can help you.