3D Lift Planning

Valuable Insight & Planning for Crane Lifts & Rigging Needs

When you are getting ready to work on your next job site that requires a crane, you can utilize our 3D lift planning to help you have a realistic and in-depth plan for best utilizing the crane to reach your objective. This means you are able to have a safer and more efficient worksite that allows your team to get the job done in a quicker, safer and less expensive manner. Our software allows us to even work out multiple cranes and engineered lifts at the site. The entire site can be simulated so you have a thoroughly detailed plan to follow, and we provide the option to meet with us online to view the plan in live 3D.

The video below shows an example of 3D lift planning.  If we did not use this to plan the lift, the only other way the lift could be done safely is from the outside of the fence with a 500-ton crane, but with this plan, we can use a 130-ton crane!

We need some information to develop a three-dimensional plan, such as:

  • The dimensions of every object you need to lift
  • The weight of every object you need to lift
  • The locations and dimensions of obstructions at the site

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  • 3 Dimensional Lift Planning service, which provides a true 3-dimensional perspective, crane set-up and rigging design.
  • We maintain the highest standards in safety by applying a thorough lift planning process and by employing well trained and highly qualified riggers, drivers, and operators.

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