Why Is It Important for Professionals to Handle Your Crane and Construction Services?

Operating cranes can be risky, especially when the operator is inexperienced or makes decisions to not employ proper workplace safety practices. Many of the crane truck accidents you hear about in the ...
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What Is 3D Lift Planning?

There’s no doubt that cranes are one of the most expensive pieces of construction equipment to own and operate. From the initial cost of the machine itself, to the expensive and extensive ...
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12 Best Practices for Crane Workers in Canada

Cranes are essential for large-scale construction projects in Canada, providing lifting power that makes the construction of roads, big buildings, and other major projects possible. Crane injuries and ...
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DICA FiberMax Outrigger Pads

Super Rigid, Super Strong and Super-Sized for the Biggest Equipment Made of fiber reinforced polymers, FiberMax outrigger pads, crane pads, and crane mats feature higher rigidity properties than the ...
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Oversize Load Project at Cariboo Pulp & Paper

On Sept.26 All-West Crane and Rigging moved an oversize load through downtown Quesnel while residents slept. The load, an acid storage tank for Cariboo Pulp and Paper was so large that the lowbed ...
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Detonation & The Northwest Transmission Line Construction Project

Line-men use detonation cord to create an implosion that fuses together the power line cables on this 287 kilovolt Transmission Line. The Northwest Transmission Line is a 344-kilometre transmission ...
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New Link-Belt 130 Ton Rough Terrain Crane

New 130 ton RT We have recently added another Link-Belt 130 ton Rough Terrain Crane to our fleet. Upon delivery, the crane headed right to work de-commissioning a local wood mill. This video shows it ...
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Need Spreader bars?

We have a large selection of spreader bars for all types of applications including Caldwell Rig-Master engineered Beam End Fittings. The Caldwell Beam End Fittings (BEF) can have a capacity of up to ...
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All-West Crane & Rigging will be attending the LNG-in-BC conference on May 21-23 at the Vancouver Convention Centre and will be hosting a booth to connect with customers and suppliers throughout ...
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DICA SafetyTech Outrigger Pads

Engineered, Unbreakable & Built to Last Equipment support is achieved by spreading the load from an outrigger float over the larger surfaces of outrigger pads. This reduces the overall pressure ...
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To Our Prospective Customers

All-West Crane & Rigging Ltd currently has 12 cranes including a Spydercrane mini-crawler, 8.5 ton carry deck crane, 2 boom trucks, 1 telescopic crawler and 7 rough terrain cranes, the largest of ...
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Cooperative Alliances

All-West Crane and Rigging’s President, Jerry van Halderen was invited to speak at the OurQuesnel Economic and Innovation Forum on April 15th to discuss the changing dynamics of business in ...
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New Crane Equipment

We have added several brand new Link-Belt cranes to our fleet in the past few months including: - Two new 90 ton Link-Belt RTC8090’s - One new 50 ton Link-Belt RTC8050 - The new cutting edge 110 ...
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Spydercrane URW295

The SPYDERCRANE URW295 is the leading crane for mini crawlers with its technology and safety features. The compact crane is less than 24" wide making travel through a standard size doorway easy ...
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