• Oversize Load Project at Cariboo Pulp & Paper

    telescope-boom-crawler On Sept.26 All-West Crane and Rigging moved an oversize load through downtown Quesnel while residents slept. The load, an acid storage tank for Cariboo Pulp and Paper was so large that the lowbed carrying it had to lower its suspension just to fit under the Moffat Bridge over top the Quesnel River. Continue reading “Oversize Load Project at Cariboo Pulp & Paper”

  • Detonation & The Northwest Transmission Line Construction Project


    Line-men use detonation cord to create an implosion that fuses together the power line cables on this 287 kilovolt Transmission Line.

    The Northwest Transmission Line is a 344-kilometre transmission line between the Skeena Substation (near Terrace) and a new substation near Bob Quinn Lake.

    The new line will:

    – Provide a reliable supply of clean power to potential industrial developments in the area

    – Provide a secure interconnection point for clean generation projects

    – Facilitate connecting the community of Iskut to the grid, so it doesn’t rely on diesel generation

    By extending the transmission grid to a new part of British Columbia, it’s going to play an important role in the economic development of this growing region.

    All-West Crane & Rigging has been heavily involved in the construction of the Northwest Transmission line and is proud to be a part of the forward thinking project.

  • New Link-Belt 130 Ton Rough Terrain Crane

    New 130 ton RT

    We have recently added another Link-Belt 130 ton Rough Terrain Crane to our fleet. Upon delivery, the crane headed right to work de-commissioning a local wood mill. This video shows it working in tight quarters, set up between the concrete pillars of a recently removed building, and lifting an 80 foot long, 60,000 lb de-barker to be put on a truck and sold to another mill.

    The new crane was brought in to compliment the upper end of our existing RT fleet, further expanding our heavy lift capacity.

    In heavy lift situations, we have been able to save customers a lot of money by using two RT’s to complete multi-crane lifts rather than our customers bringing in large conventional crawler cranes which can accumulate relatively high mobilization costs.


  • Need Spreader bars?

    spreader-bars-used-in-project We have a large selection of spreader bars for all types of applications including Caldwell Rig-Master engineered Beam End Fittings.

    The Caldwell Beam End Fittings (BEF) can have a capacity of up to 39 tons.

    The Caldwell Beam End Fittings are designed to use Schedule 40 ERW pipe as the central structural element between the end fittings, giving you the ability to have spreader bars of different lengths, for a fraction of the cost. Schedule 40 ERW is readily available at most steel service centers. The Caldwell Model BEF-2 ½ requires a 2 – ½” nominal size, the model BEF-5 requires a 5” nominal size, and the BEF – 8 requires an 8” nominal size schedule 40 ERW pipe.

    Other requirements are:

    – The length of pipe used for this central element must be straight within ¼” end to end.

    – The pipe should have the ends cleanly cut square with its centerline.

    – The schedule 40 ERW should not have any weld joint irregularities.

    – Each end of the schedule 40 ERW pipe must have the correct diameter holes drilled through both walls and both ends must be in line.

    – The schedule 40 ERW pipe used in this application does not need to pass any pressure testing.

    The retaining bolts used to secure the Caldwell Model BEF 2-½ and 5” to the schedule 40 ERW pipe must be a Grade 5 Hex Head Cap Screw 5/8”-11 with minimum length of 4-1/2” and 8” respectively. The bolt for the BEF-8 is a Grade 5 Hex Head cap screw 1-8 with a minimum length of 11-1/2”

    Note: Complete assembly instructions are provided with each set of end fittings.



    All-West Crane & Rigging will be attending the LNG-in-BC conference on May 21-23 at the Vancouver Convention Centre and will be hosting a booth to connect with customers and suppliers throughout the convention. We are very excited for the future and look forward to the progress of the Natural Gas industry in British Columbia. We look forward to seeing you there. Come check out our booth, number 807 near the front of the main hall, to the left of the entrance.

    For more information on the event, check out:


  • DICA SafetyTech Outrigger Pads

    Engineered, Unbreakable & Built to Last


    Equipment support is achieved by spreading the load from an outrigger float over the larger surfaces of outrigger pads. This reduces the overall pressure being directed into the ground and effectively supports and stabilizes the equipment. Continue reading “DICA SafetyTech Outrigger Pads”

  • To Our Prospective Customers

    All-West Crane & Rigging Ltd currently has 12 cranes including a Spydercrane mini-crawler, 8.5 ton carry deck crane, 2 boom trucks, 1 telescopic crawler and 7 rough terrain cranes, the largest of which has a 130 ton capacity. The newest addition to complement our fleet is a Link-Belt TCC1100 Telescopic Crawler Crane. This unit features 150 feet of main boom and many other unique features. Furthermore, we have added significantly to our line of “below the hook” specialty rigging which includes: container hooks, varying sizes of spreader bars, man-baskets, pallet lifters, and remote release rigging. Continue reading “To Our Prospective Customers”

  • Cooperative Alliances

    Jerry van HalderenAll-West Crane and Rigging’s President, Jerry van Halderen was invited to speak at the Our Quesnel Economic and Innovation Forum on April 15th to discuss the changing dynamics of business in Quesnel and the Northern Cariboo Region. While most of the forum was focused on the declining amount of wood fibre available to forestry companies in the region, and what companies can do to overcome this challenge, Jerry directed his attention more towards sub-contractors and support industries in and around the Quesnel area. Jerry spoke about his experiences and how he has led All-West Crane and Rigging through some of the unique challenges presented by a declining forestry industry in the Region

    He stated:

    “the solution lies in cooperative alliances. Today’s businesses need to become highly specialized to achieve new levels of efficiency. Instead of one company trying to do everything, choose what you are good at. Work with other companies that are good at their speciality and that compliment your service or product. Keep working to build alliances and relationships until you have the complete package to achieve your goals.”

    His message was received loud and clear by many of the attendees at the OurQuesnel Economic and Innovation Forum. Strategic alliances allow small businesses to focus on their core competency while reducing business risk by providing consistent opportunities for new work and growth.

    Jerry also echo’d Premier Christies Clark’s vision for Quesnel and the province during her speech at the West Fraser Timber Room in Quesnel on Friday April 11th. “Quesnel is rich in a skilled workforce and professional businesses serving a broad industrial base, and is well positioned to partake in the boom of activity available to British Columbian’s for the next several years to come.” Referring to the upcoming LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) boom in northern British Columbia as well as the current boom of mining mega-projects popping up all over the province.

    To reiterate, “cooperative alliances will be the new way of doing business.”

  • New Crane Equipment

    We have added several brand new Link-Belt cranes to our fleet in the past few months including:

    Two new 90 ton Link-Belt RTC8090’s

    – One new 50 ton Link-Belt RTC8050

    – The new cutting edge 110 ton Link-Belt TC1100 Telescopic Crawler Crane

    Just like our Rough Terrain Cranes, the Crawler has the ability to work in tight spaces for superb job-site mobility. It has a very robust full power boom that can accomodate many attachments, including the new Diversified man-baskets, of which we are now a distributor for. The Crawler can be transported in as little as 3 loads and can be mobilized quickly to save our customers time. For more information on any of our new cranes, refer to our Equipment Page . For all of our load charts, refer to our Load Charts page. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at info@allwestcrane.com we’re here!