Spydercrane URW295

Spydercrane URW295 The SPYDERCRANE URW295 is the leading crane for mini crawlers with its technology and safety features. The compact crane is less than 24″ wide making travel through a standard size doorway easy and with its light weight design, this crane can be moved from floor to floor in a standard freight elevator. The crane moves with ease on dual rubber tracks. The compactness of the URW295 will let you travel where other cranes cannot and give you the lifting capability of 6,450 lbs at 4.6 ft. All Spydercranes are equipped with a wireless radio-remote control system, which frees the operator of being tethered to the crane for unlimited operator positioning. All cranes are also equipped with 360 degree continuous rotation and the Infinitely Variable Control System to include automatic throttler advancement upon hydraulic demand.

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