Crane Rental Transport Fleet in British Columbia

Let Our Team Move Your Fleet

At All-West Crane & Rigging Ltd., we currently manage and maintain six different transport vehicles. This allows us to have the proper resources to properly transport your fleet. Nobody wants to traverse the roads with harsh weather conditions while transporting goods, which is why our fleet is the optimal choice for your transportation needs in British Columbia.

We have many fleet transportation resources, including:

  • Two Kenworth Highway Tractors
  • One Highboy
  • One Low Bed (equipped with six, seven and eight configurations)
  • One Custom Lightweight Low Bed (equipped with six, seven and eight configurations as well as a rail bed middle section)
  • One B-Train

The vehicles that we have in our possession are constantly being reviewed with our equipment inventory, and we can also obtain job-specific equipment to meet your needs. Our job is to make your job easier by transporting your fleet to your job site.

Acquire your Transport Fleet by calling us at (250) 992-5592 .

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  • Privately Owned & Operated
  • 25 years of experience in mining & steel
  • 3 Dimensional Lift Planning service, which provides a true 3-dimensional perspective, crane set-up and rigging design.
  • We maintain the highest standards in safety by applying a thorough lift planning process and by employing well trained and highly qualified riggers, drivers, and operators.