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Small Cranes for Rent and Various Boom Truck Capacity Choices for Construction Companies

All-West Crane & Rigging Ltd. is experienced with providing equipment for commercial and residential construction activities across British Columbia. We now offer the same crane rental Edmonton construction companies have depended on to clients in Prince George. Equipment in various capacities is available. Also, we hold BCCSA’s Certificate of Recognition (COR) for Health and Safety Management, so the equipment and support we provide is compliant with all applicable standards.

From spider crane rental to cranes for sale in Prince George, we’re ready to serve the needs of your project and business. Our company is staffed with experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly crane experts who help select equipment and interpret crane load charts, and we can assist you at any level.

A Full Spectrum of Services in Prince George, BC

Look no further if you need crane and rigging equipment. All-West Crane and Rigging Ltd. has many types of cranes and equipment to support many job site operations. Regardless of the boom truck capacity needed or the crane charts you use, we have the right crane equipment.

We support customers with:

  • Crane Rentals: Operated and maintained by our trained crews in Prince George, our rental cranes include a 90-ton Link Belt crane, a 55-ton mobile crane, and a 100-ton mobile crane. We also have a 130-ton rough terrain unit. For lower capacity applications, we have an 18-ton boom truck, an 8.5-ton capacity carry-deck, and a mini crawler crane rental unit.
  • Support Equipment: If you need additional equipment, we have Bobcats, forklifts, and car haulers. Enclosed trailers are available. Every piece of equipment is maintained and kept in top shape.
  • Transport: A fleet of transportation vehicles enables us to deliver massive cranes and forklifts. Such equipment can weight thousands of pounds, but we can safely transport it to Prince George, thanks to experienced drivers and top-of-the-line tractors and trucks.
  • Crane sales: In addition to cranes for hire, we sell cranes and equipment that we intend to replace with newer models. These are posted on our sales page and include heavy-duty models that adhere to safety and other regulatory compliance standards.

If need be, we can also be involved in the planning process. Using advanced software, 3D lift planning helps match the crane and equipment with your work objective. This boosts efficiency and safety at the worksite. We can simulate the use of multiple cranes and lifts, depending on the objects and obstructions on the job site. In conjunction with, for example, a 50-ton crane load chart, such planning can save valuable time and costs.

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We can sell you other types of critical equipment. For transmission line applications, man-baskets from Diversified Product Development are offered. We also offer outrigger pads and a custom fit service from DICA, so pads are matched with equipment size, load capacity, and ground conditions. Material handling options from Caldwell Lifting Solutions are available as well.

Whether you need a boom lift, high-capacity lift systems, or small cranes for rent, All-West Crane and Rigging Ltd. is a name you can trust. See our testimonials page for proof, and have a look for yourself in our photo gallery. For guidance and service, contact us online or at 877-203-0069 in Prince George, BC.

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  • Privately Owned & Operated
  • 25 years of experience in mining & steel
  • 3 Dimensional Lift Planning service, which provides a true 3-dimensional perspective, crane set-up and rigging design.
  • We maintain the highest standards in safety by applying a thorough lift planning process and by employing well trained and highly qualified riggers, drivers, and operators.

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