Crane and Rigging Services in British Columbia

Our service area

We proudly service all of Central and Northern British Columbia, including Prince George and Quesnel. We’re from the area, so we know the unique challenges that the terrain and climate can present to construction crews. Meeting your individualized needs is what makes our business so successful, and knowing the landscape and weather of the area allows us to better serve you.

Cranes and equipment

At All-West Crane and Rigging Ltd., we aim to provide reliable, durable, and efficient equipment for every industry and need our customers could have. When you come to us for crane services rental, we’re able to offer you a broad fleet of rental cranes and products that will make your job run easier and smoother.

Some of the industries we can assist include mining, forestry, oil and gas, liquid natural gas, plant construction, plant maintenance, electric transmission, residential construction, commercial construction, government infrastructure, and hydroelectric construction.

Rental cranes

We can provide you with a variety of cranes that will help you finish your job in a professional and timely manner. Our inventory is growing and expanding all the time to bring you the latest and most reliable options for rental cranes. Some of the equipment that we have currently for our crane and rigging services include truck cranes, cranes designed to handle rough terrain, carry decks, and more equipment that you’ll likely need.

All of our cranes are from reputable brands that you can trust. We ensure our equipment is well taken care of by performing regular maintenance, inspecting the condition, and attending to any needed repairs.

Whether you need a Rough Terrain Crane that’s able to deal with weight in excess of 50 tons or something smaller that can fit inside a freight elevator, we carry an array of essential equipment that will meet your requirements. Our safety-oriented expert operators can provide you with invaluable assistance at your job site, allowing you to get the job completed more quickly and efficiently than before.

Support equipment

Just like our rental crane fleet, we’re constantly expanding our inventory of support equipment to better meet the demands of your job. These key pieces of support equipment allow us to provide you with almost everything you need, making our crane and rigging services more comprehensive.

Our fleet of support equipment includes forklifts, Bobcats, car haulers, and enclosed trailers. All of our pieces of machinery and equipment are kept in like-new condition and are ready to go at a moment’s notice for your next job.

Transport fleet

One thing that sets us at All-West Crane & Rigging Ltd. apart from other crane and rigging companies is that we’ll deliver to you. If you order equipment from us, we want to make sure it’s there when you need it to be, in one piece, and ready to go.

Our fleet consists of two Kenworth highway tractors, a highboy, a low-bed available in up to eight-wheel configurations, a custom lightweight low bed with up to eight-wheel configuration, and a B train.

All of our vehicles are kept in great condition, and they’re ready to deliver your needed equipment to any location in British Columbia. Please note that we do not rent these trucks out to customers. Only our certified professional drivers are allowed to operate these vehicles.


Among our crane and rigging services, we offer sales of necessary equipment for your convenience. From cranes to Diversified products and more, we retail equipment and products that you’ll need. Cranes, both new and used, are available at affordable prices for those customers ready to invest in owning one. We proudly retail products from Diversified and DICA.

Whether you need outrigger pads or cranes, we have everything you need at All-West Crane & Rigging Ltd.

3D lift services

An essential part of construction is ensuring that all projects are completed on time and as efficiently as possible. As part of our crane and rigging services, we offer 3D lift planning. With some information from you about your equipment, loads, and work site, we can map out the best routine and plan for the most efficient and safe completion of your job.

At All-West Crane and Rigging Ltd., we aim to provide you with all of the equipment, machinery, and support that your construction job needs in British Columbia. Whatever crane and rigging services you need, we’re able to offer you a broad variety of options that are bound to be exactly what you’re looking for.

Contact us at (877) 203-0069 to learn more about our fleet of cranes and construction services.

Get Lifted

  • Privately Owned & Operated
  • 25 years of experience in mining & steel
  • 3 Dimensional Lift Planning service, which provides a true 3-dimensional perspective, crane set-up and rigging design.
  • We maintain the highest standards in safety by applying a thorough lift planning process and by employing well trained and highly qualified riggers, drivers, and operators.

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